Introduction to Document Management

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Mô tả tóm tắt

  • This module will introduce you to the expressions used in document management, such as ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and DMS (Document Management System). It will indicate the features and benefits of such solutions and help you evaluate them by giving you key indicators to look for. Hints for the specific sales approach in this area conclude the module.

Nhóm mục tiêu

  • Service Technician, All Employees, Sales Representative

Nội dung lý thuyết và thực tiễn

  • Standard and project-oriented solutions
  • Document management (DMS, ECM) at a glance
  • Document Management indicators
  • If software is involved there is an impact on your commercial approach
  • First steps of an ECM/DMS project

Sau khóa đào tạo này, bạn có thể…

  • Define the meaning of the term solution
  • Recognize the features and the benefits of DMS and ECM systems
  • Describe the key evaluation indicators for a DMS
  • Discover the impact of HW on providing a DMS solution
  • Identify the sales approach for an ECM / DMS project


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Introduction to Document Management - Knowledge Test
TST | 45 phút | English