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Mô tả tóm tắt

  • This module will help you identify the sales cycle for ECM/DMS solutions. Recognize the steps from identifying the right customers to be approached via preparing a catching presentation to closing the deal by involving the right deciders on the customer’s side. Learn about traps to avoid in selling ECM/DMS solutions.

Nhóm mục tiêu

  • Service Technician, Sales Representative

Nội dung lý thuyết và thực tiễn

  • Identifying the sales cycle for EMC/DMS solutions. Recognizing the path to close a deal.
  • Generating business opportunities
  • Client presentation and quotation
  • Round table and closing
  • Integrating professional services
  • What to avoid in a ECM/DMS project

Sau khóa đào tạo này, bạn có thể…

  • recognize how to generate an opportunity and how to qualify it
  • prepare a catching client presentation and a proper quotation
  • define the relevant people for a round table and guide them towards closing the deal
  • maximize the revenue of the project by integrating professional services
  • avoid traps in the sales process for ECM/DMS solutions


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ECM/DMS Sales Cycle - Knowledge Test
TST | 45 phút | English